bad1 W1S1 [bæd] adj comparative worse [wə:s US wə:rs] superlative worst [wə:st US wə:rst]
1¦(not good)¦
2¦(low quality)¦
3¦(not sensible)¦
4¦(morally wrong)¦
5¦(wrong behaviour)¦
7 a bad time/moment etc
10¦(no skill)¦
11 bad heart/leg/back etc
13 be in a bad mood
14 feel bad
15 not bad
16 not too/so bad
17 too bad
18 go from bad to worse
19 be in a bad way
20 a bad name
21 bad lot/sort/type
22 bad penny
23 be taken bad
24 in bad faith
25 bad news
26 bad form
27 bad blood
28 not have a bad word to say about/against somebody
29 it's bad enough.....
30 something can't be bad
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Perhaps from Old English bAddel 'male homosexual']
1.) ¦(NOT GOOD)¦
unpleasant or likely to cause problems
≠ ↑good
I have some bad news for you.
I thought things couldn't possibly get any worse.
The plane was delayed for several hours by bad weather.
It's difficult to break bad habits.
a bad smell
low in quality or below an acceptable standard
≠ ↑good
The failure of the company was due to bad management.
Your handwriting is so bad I can hardly read it.
That was the worst movie I've ever seen.
3.) ¦(NOT SENSIBLE)¦ [usually before noun]
not sensible, or not suitable in a particular situation
≠ ↑good
Cutting spending at this time is a bad idea.
Making big changes in your diet all at once is a bad thing to do .
morally wrong or evil
≠ ↑good
He's a bad man - keep away from him.
→↑bad guy
spoken doing something you should not do, or behaving in a wrong way - used especially about children or pets
= ↑naughty
Katie was very bad today!
bad girl/dog etc
Bad cat! Get off the table!
6.) ¦(SERIOUS)¦
serious or severe
He is recovering from a bad accident.
The pain in my side is worse than it was yesterday.
7.) a bad time/moment etc
a time that is not suitable or causes problems
It's a bad time to have to borrow money, with interest rates so high.
You've come at the worst possible moment. I have a meeting in five minutes.
8.) ¦(HARMFUL)¦
damaging or harmful
Pollution is having a bad effect on fish stocks.
bad for
Smoking is bad for your health.
Too much salt can be bad for you .
It is bad for kids to be on their own so much.
9.) ¦(FOOD)¦
food that is bad is not safe to eat because it has decayed
bad fish
This milk has gone bad .
10.) ¦(NO SKILL)¦
having no skill or ability in a particular activity
bad at (doing) sth
I'm really bad at chess.
They have got to be the worst band on the planet.
11.) bad heart/leg/back etc
a heart, leg etc that is injured or does not work correctly
I haven't been able to do much because of my bad back.
Ouch, that was my bad foot!
12.) ¦(LANGUAGE)¦
bad language is rude or offensive
We were shocked to hear the little boy using bad language in front of his mother.
Jacky said a bad word!
13.) be in a bad mood also be in a bad temper BrE
to feel annoyed or angry
Be careful. The boss is in a bad mood today.
14.) feel bad
a) to feel ashamed or sorry about something
feel bad about (doing) sth
I felt bad about not being able to come last night.
feel bad for
I feel bad for Ann - she studied so hard for that test and she still didn't pass.
b) to feel ill
15.) not bad
spoken used to say that something is good, or better than you expected
'How are you?' 'Oh, not bad.'
That's not a bad idea.
16.) not too/so bad
spoken used to say that something is not as bad as expected
The exams weren't so bad.
17.) too badspoken
a) used to say that you do not care that something bad happens to someone
'I'm going to be late now!' 'Too bad, you should have gotten up earlier.'
b) used to say that you are sorry that something bad has happened to someone
It's too bad that you couldn't come to the party last night.
18.) go from bad to worse
to become even more unpleasant or difficult
The schools have gone from bad to worse in this area.
19.) be in a bad way informal
to be very ill, unhappy, or injured, or not in a good condition
She was in a bad way after the funeral.
20.) a bad name
if something has a bad name, people do not respect or trust it
have/get a bad name
The bar had a bad name and was avoided by all the locals.
give sb/sth a bad name
These annoying tourists give all Americans a bad name.
21.) bad lot/sort/type
BrE old-fashioned someone who is morally bad or cannot be trusted
22.) bad penny
BrE someone or something that causes trouble and is difficult to avoid
Sure enough, Steve turned up like the proverbial bad penny (=suddenly appeared) .
23.) be taken bad
BrE informal to become ill
He was taken bad in the middle of the night.
24.) in bad faith
if someone does something in bad faith, they are behaving dishonestly and have no intention of keeping a promise
In order to sue, you have to prove that the company was acting in bad faith .
25.) bad news
spoken informal someone or something that always causes trouble
I'd avoid her if I were you. She's bad news.
26.) bad form
BrE old-fashioned socially unacceptable behaviour
It's bad form to argue with the umpire.
27.) bad blood
angry or bitter feelings between people
bad blood between
There's too much bad blood between them.
28.) not have a bad word to say about/against sb
if no one has a bad word to say about a particular person, everyone likes and respects that person
29.) it's bad enough.....
spoken used to say that you already have one problem, so that you do not want to worry about or deal with another one
It's bad enough having to bring up three kids on your own without having to worry about money as well!
30.) sth can't be bad
spoken used to persuade someone that something is good or worth doing
You only pay £10 deposit and no interest: that can't be bad, can it?
31.) comparative badder superlative baddest
especially AmE spoken informal
a) used when you think something is very good
Now that's a bad car!
b) someone who is bad is very determined and does not always obey rules - used to show approval
>badness n [U]
very bad: awful, terrible, horrible, lousy (informal), appalling, ghastly, atrocious, horrendous
bad, but not very bad: not very good, mediocre, second-rate, so-so, lacklustre
of bad quality: shoddy, inferior, poor quality, cheap, crummy (informal)
bad at doing something: be no good at something
very bad at doing something: hopeless, terrible, useless, lousy (informal), incompetent
morally bad: evil, wicked, immoral, corrupt, sick, perverted, degenerate
bad 2
bad2 n
1.) to the bad
BrE informal if you are a particular amount to the bad, you are that much poorer or you owe that much
Thanks to your mistake, I'm £500 to the bad!
2.) my bad!
AmE spoken informal used to say that you have made a mistake or that something is your fault
3.) go to the bad
BrE old-fashioned to begin living in a wrong or immoral way
bad 3
bad3 adv spoken
a word used to mean 'badly' which many people think is incorrect
I need that money bad.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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